Letters and Words (Preschool to 3rd Grade)

1,650 Cards and Teachers' Guide

The Letter and Word Cards and the accompanying Teachers' Guide will be a great help to those teaching beginning readers. ReadingTeacher.com is providing these resources free of charge.

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Letter and Word Cards (Preschool to 3rd Grade)

IMPORTANT: The Word Cards are not to be used to memorize the words.

The cards should be used to help in blending the phonemes to sound-out the words.
Please view the video above for tips on how to use the cards.


Student Word and Letter Cards

There are 201 sheets of letter and word cards in the Student Cards section.
Each sheet contains eight letters or words and the cards contain:

All the words used in the stories on ReadingTeacher.com

All the Dolch words

Some other words that we feel that beginning readers should be able to decode.


Please print the cards on a heavy paper or board and laminate if you’d like them to be more durable. Then cut the cards on the dotted lines to make a total of 1,650 cards.

There is more than one card for each word, for example, the word “dog“ will have a card in the phoneme /d/ section, in the phoneme short /o/ section and in the /g/ section.


The story in which the word first appears is on the bottom right corner of the card.

The Dolch words have a star in the bottom left corner.

The phoneme is indicated on the bottom center of the card.


Use only cards with the phonemes that

students have learned or are about to learn.


Teachers' Guide

Once the cards have been cut apart, it would be difficult to keep track and organize the cards into categories without a Teachers' Guide. The pages of the TG are not meant to be cut into cards. You can print out the pages you need, and file them in a binder.

There are 32 cards on the TG pages, and the target phoneme is highlighted in red.


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